About Us

Grow&Go delivery was founded in Philadelphia, PA in March of 2020 by Savannah Franzone. The business was started as a direct result of COVID-19. Savannah's dad Michael, owns a wholesale produce business inside of the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce market which distributes a high volume of fruits and veggies to many local restaurants, markets, hotels, and more. 

Savannah noticed how the people in her community didn't want to risk their health by visiting a supermarket in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. So she used her resources and created her own home delivery business by purchasing produce from her dad and selling it to the people in her community. Through this, she found a passion for not only serving the people in the city that she grew up in but also learning in depth about fruits and vegetables. And thus, Grow&Go was born! 

Throughout the months of delivering to our wonderful customers, we've expanded our products beyond just produce; we've added eggs, tofu, meat, and cold pressed juice.


Grow&Go thanks you for all the support from the start and we are so excited to keep serving you quality products. Stay happy & healthy!