Where does your produce come from?
Our produce comes from a family wholesaler in the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market. 

Is the produce pre washed?
No, please wash your produce upon consuming! 

What days do you deliver? 
M-S. There is NO Sunday delivery. 

When will I receive my order? 
Orders placed before 7pm will be delivered next day. Anytime after will be delivered within 2 days. 

What should I do with the crate that my order comes in? 
Reuse or recycle it :) 

I'm interested in a juice cleanse, can you tell me more? 
Good for you! First decide how many days you want to do it for - we offer 1 or 3 day cleanse. We always tell our customers that a 1 day is perfect for a healthy jumpstart, a 3 day cleanse is perfect if you want to fully detoxify and lose weight. Once you receive your juices, immediately refrigerate or freeze them. Juices are raw so their shelf life is about 5-7 days. 


Ok! I'm ready to buy some juices but I don't see them available.. 
Our production team is super small so we're only able to produce so many juices at one time. At this time, juices will be available to purchase one day a week until we can expand on production.